In this series I looked at each of the individual nations of Faerûn in turn, in alphabetical order. This series was based around the status of each nation as of 1371-72 Dalereckoning (at the end of D&D 2nd Edition and the start of 3rd Edition). The maps are drawn from The Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas CD-ROM and their respective 1st and 2nd Edition sources. They are not necessarily current for the 5th Edition of the setting (which is set c. 1496 DR), as borders have changed and some towns and cities have fallen, whilst newer ones have risen.

A “master map” of the Nations of the Forgotten Realms series. Please click for a larger version.

Related maps of interest:

The full list of articles follows:

  1. Aglarond
  2. Amn
  3. Calimshan
  4. Chessenta
  5. Chondath
  6. Cormyr
  7. Damara
  8. Dambrath
  9. Durpar, Estagund & Var the Golden
  10. Erlkazar
  11. Evereska
  12. Evermeet
  13. Gundarlun, Ruathym, Trisk & Tuern
  14. Halruaa
  15. Hartsvale
  16. Impiltur
  17. Lantan
  18. Lapaliiya & Tharsult
  19. Luiren
  20. Luruar (The Silver Marches)
  21. Mintarn & Orlumbor
  22. Moonshae
  23. Mulhorand
  24. Murghôm & Semphar
  25. Narfell
  26. Nimbral
  27. Rashemen
  28. Samarach, Tashalar & Thindol
  29. Sembia
  30. Sespech
  31. Sossal
  32. Tethyr
  33. Thay
  34. Thesk
  35. Turmish
  36. Ulgarth and the Utter East (Parsanic, Doegan, Edenvale & Konigheim)
  37. Underhome (The Deep Realm)
  38. Unther & Threskel
  39. Waterdeep

Some more coverage of the Realms is to come in the future, with historical maps and a guide to some of the other regions of the continent.

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