The Atlas of Ice and Fire is a blog dedicated to the geography and cartography of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire and its television adaptation, Game of Thrones. It will also cover other maps of interest to science fiction and fantasy fans, and other topics related to the books and TV show.

The creator and writer of this blog is Adam Whitehead, a science fiction fan and critic. He is the author of the successful Wertzone blog and a moderator on Westeros.org since 2005. He has also written for SFF websites and print. You can support him on Patreon. He finds writing about himself in the third person both weird and disturbing.

11 thoughts on “About”

  1. Sandor Cziegler said:

    Hello, my name is Sandor Cziegler from Pécs, Hungary. I’m a huge fan of Game of Thrones, and and I really like work works. I visited your site during LOST.

    I write You now, because I want to ask something. I just find your Westeros-Essos “blank map”. Its amazing! Really, it was a huge work for you, and the greatest work is yet to come! And you have my respect for that!

    It is possible, that I can use Your bases of Your map to creat a hungarian version of the newst map? With proper citation of course! Do you have a bigger verion of the map? Because of Westeros and it’s tiny little villages? If you agree let me know, what details want you wish to appear! It’s alright, if you say no, but it would be great a hungarian version of the Known World, because The Lands of Ice and Fire is not been released here.
    Thank you for reading my letter!

    There is a russian map too, it’s great to, maybe it inspires you somehow.

    Ps.: Whispering wood is missing!

    Best wishes,
    Sandor Cziegler


    • werthead said:

      Yes, you can certainly use the blank map (which I didn’t create either). Unfortunately, I don’t have a larger version.


  2. Sikander Farwynd said:

    Hello! I think your blog’s pretty rad and well-researched, and I’ve added it to a list of GoT essentials on this blog: https://atimecapsuleoficeandfire.wordpress.com/ (I thought you should know). Nice work!


  3. Hi! I am really enjoying this blog! I want to start from the beginning, though… Can you help me by linking to the first post or by adding a sidebar/table of contents?


  4. I love this blog! I am a map nerd who always tries to find fictional maps online. I even made an amateur one myself for Twin Peaks. -Jessica


  5. Hi! Your maps are awesome! This is probably oddly phrased, (it’s almost midnight for me) but what are you okay with people doing with your maps? Sorry, I couldn’t find a statement on your site. If I edited your Witcher map to help me figure out Scoia’tael territories and showed it to my writing group would that be okay?


  6. Hello! I love your maps, and was wondering if you had a map of the known world in asoiaf without labels? For a project I want to make a 3D map of the world, so I’d need a good reference.


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