A few months back I published a map of Toril, the planet which is the home to the Forgotten Realms campaign setting/fantasy world. Since then I’ve been working on a more detailed of Faerûn, the main continent of Toril. This has taken an immense amount of time but I have completed the base map, which I thought I would share today.


A map of the continent of Faerûn. Please click for a larger version.

This map is based on the 1st and 2nd Edition Dungeons and Dragons iteration of the campaign setting. Faerûn has undergone tumultuous changes in its past, and was significantly redesigned for the 3rd and 4th editions of the game. For the current 5th Edition, Faerûn has reverted to something much closer to the 2nd Edition design, but no canon map of the entire 5th Edition Realms has been created.

The main source for this map was the Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas (1999), a CD-ROM product which remains the single most detailed cartographic resource for the Realms. I redrew the entire map using the continental map in the atlas as a basis. In retrospect I probably leaned on original colour scheme a bit too much, but it worked in 1999 and it still works now, especially if you’re looking for an older, more “classic” style of map than contemporary versions (which tend to get very “ornate” and “busy” at the expense of legibility).

This map, thus, depicts the Realms as of the end of the 2nd Edition time period, around the year 1371 Dalereckoning.

This version is presented without roads, symbols or text markings. I’ll be adding those to the map in a future update, but given how long it took to create the map at this resolution that’ll still be several weeks or work.

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