The Size of Essos, Sothoryos and Ulthos (revisited)

A few weeks ago I revisited the size of Westeros and was able to come up with individual figures for the distinct regions of the continent.

ASoIaF Known World New Mountains

Please click for a much larger version.

In this entry I do the same for the three continents, namely Essos, Sothoryos and Ulthos. My previous article on the same subject from four years ago can be found here.

The values for the regions are as follows. Note that these are a bit more approximate than the regions of Westeros because region borders in Essos are not as firmly delineated:


Essos: 12,193,620 miles² (mainland only)

The Free Cities: 1,507,479 miles²

The Stepstones: 9,817 miles² (all islands)

The Dothraki Sea: 2,435,820 miles²

The Red Waste: 455,528 miles²

The Isle of Cedars: 6,207 miles²

Ghaen: 8,311 miles² (all islands)

Lhazar: 218,750 miles²

Great Moraq: 236,311 miles²

The Golden Empire of Yi Ti: 1,745,162 miles²

Leng: 77,507 miles²

Plains of the Jogos Nhai: 737,957 miles²

Ib: 147,301 miles² (Ib), 16,657 miles² (Far Ib), 172,303 miles² (all islands total)

The Shadow Lands: 566,985 miles²

Naath: 8,022 miles²

The Summer Islands: 40,797 miles² (Walano), 32,085 miles² (Omboru), 112,733 miles² (Jhala), 205,038 miles² (all islands combined)

Valyra: 197,332 miles² (Lands of the Long Summer), 41,195 miles² (Valyria Island), 289,823 miles² (mainland and all islands)


Ulthos: 360,088 miles² (mapped portion only)

Sothoryos: 1,341,108 miles² (mapped portion only)


To contrast with real-world equivalents, the mapped portion of Essos is slightly larger than Africa (11,730,000 miles²) but significantly smaller than Asia (17,212,000 miles²) or Eurasia (21,000,000 miles²). George R.R. Martin has said that Essos is approximately the same size as Eurasia, suggesting the unmapped portion of Essos may be around 9 million miles² in size.

The Golden Empire of Yi Ti is just under two-thirds of the size of its inspiration, China (3,705,407 miles²).

The largest island in the Known World is Great Moraq, although it is significantly smaller than the real world’s largest island of Greenland (836,330 miles²).


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4 thoughts on “The Size of Essos, Sothoryos and Ulthos (revisited)”

  1. Your atlas for ASOIAF, are amazing, but I was wondering would you consider doing some information on some of the locations that have lesser information about them? Like Oros, and Tyria.


    • werthead said:

      There’s not much more canon info out there. I do have some fanon maps of Valyria which I’ve thought about posting.


  2. Tiago Guilherme said:

    Is Great Moraq the equivalent of India?


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