Steven Erikson’s latest entry in the Malazan literary universe was published yesterday. The God is Not Willing is the first novel in the Witness Trilogy. Set ten years after the events of The Crippled God, the novel depicts the misadventures of the Malazan XIVth Legion as it is redeployed to the town of Silver Lake, the same town visited by Karsa Orlong many years earlier (in the first part of House of Chains), resulting in total chaos. The fallout from that visit is still being felt. Meanwhile, the Teblor tribes are on the move, preparing to move south in vast numbers to escape a coming natural disaster and seek out the Shattered God, Karsa Orlong, the God who is Not Willing.

A map of the Malyn Province of the Malazan Empire, located in the north-west of the continent of Genabackis. Please click for a larger version.

I reviewed the book last month, and I thought it might be fun to create a map for the area covered in the novel. I drew on the map in The God is Not Willing itself and also utilised the House of Chains map and Steven Erikson’s own map of the Blackdog region to create something that is hopefully quite interesting, and handy for those who wanted a larger-scale view of the events.

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