As part of a planned upgrade of my older Song of Ice and Fire maps – which are looking a bit low-res and long in the tooth compared to my more recent work – I’ve been developing a new, large-scale map of the known world. Although the main map still has many days (possibly weeks) of work ahead on it, I did take a break today to try to do something I’ve wanted to do for ages: a map of Westeros with every known house sigil and location on it.

Houses of Westeros

Please click for a much, much larger version!

The results have worked reasonably well, although to preserve the detail of the house symbols (mostly borrowed from La Garde de Nuit, the ultimate French-language resource for A Song of Ice and Fire) and also fit them onto the map required blowing the map of Westeros up to fairly gargantuan proportions. The above map clocks in at 10,564 x 16,640 pixels and 24MB in size! Apologies if it takes a long time to load as a result. Hopefully the results are worth it.

In fact, it may work better to click on the image and then save the full-size image to your device for a better browsing experience, with better zoom control.

The map above uses heraldry designs (under Creative Commons) from the excellent Wiki of Ice and Fire and La Garde de Nuit, the ultimate English and French-language guides to the Song of Ice and Fire novels.

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