A New Wheel of Time Map

Over a year ago I embarked on the Wheel of Time Atlas project, which unfortunately stalled due to dissatisfaction with the maps I was using. After some consideration I decided to redraw the main map at a much higher scale to make continuing that project easier. This has taken a while but has now been done.


The main differences are the much higher scale, a new and clearer way of depicting mountains, the use of coloured backdrops and the addition of flags and more locations that were missing from the previous versions of the map. Hopefully this is much better for everyone checking the map out.

Technical note: I’m informed that these very-high-resolution maps are not rendering correctly on some mobile devices, particularly some types of Android mobile phone. As far as I can tell this is an automatic process to save memory and space. At the moment I am not aware of a work-around. The maps should register at full resolution via PC, tablet and most other devices.

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3 thoughts on “A New Wheel of Time Map”

  1. Flaendil said:

    Man, I just wanted you to know how awesome is your work on all this project !

    I am trying to build a role playing game campaign based on the WoT world and, if you’re ok with that, I would like to use your work as map material during this campaign to present maps of countries and cities to my players.

    In any case, many many thanks for your work !

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  2. Thank you for your very hard work on this


  3. Bruce Nadeau said:

    I’m creating a new WOT YouTube channel and would love to get permission to use this!


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