One of the very finest epic fantasy series of the last twenty years – although it tends to be underrated as it is as yet incomplete – is the Sword of Shadows series by J.V. Jones, itself a sequel to the earlier Book of Words trilogy. Six years ago I created a very rough map which combined the maps of the two series, the Known Lands of the Book of Words and the Northern Territories of Sword of Shadows (which lie immediately to the north; the city of Bren and the huge Northern/Southern Ranges are present on both maps). With the experience gained since then, I thought it’d be fun to revisit the project.

Sword of Shadows Map

Please click for a larger version.

There haven’t been any new books published since then (the fourth book, Speaker for the Dead, was released in 2010), so this was just a question of redrawing the map at a larger scale, putting in the mountains and cleaning up the Clanholds detail box.

As people are hopefully now aware, J.V. Jones had to put the fifth Sword of Shadows book, Endlords, on hold for several years due to a series of unfortunate events in her personal life. However, in 2017 she restarted work on the novel and it is now in the “six figures” of word count, with the author hoping to complete the book this year for publication in 2020. Jones continues to provide updates via her Patreon page and Twitter.

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