Since 2006 Scott Lynch’s excellent Gentleman Bastard series of novels has become one of the most popular epic fantasy series around. The Lies of Locke Lamora is one of the modern classics of fantasy fiction and Red Seas Under Red Skies and The Republic of Thieves are, if not quite as well-regarded, still fine slices of genre fiction. In September Lynch will release the fourth volume (of seven planned) in the series, The Thorn of Emberlain, which will explode the series into all-out war.

Locke World

Like all good fantasy series, The Gentleman Bastard has maps. Lynch has so far declined to produce a finalised map of the entire continent, although he has produced an early working map depicting such lands as the “March of Shite” and “Confederation of F***ing Unnamed City-States”.


Lynch would later re-draft the map of his world, most notably moving Camorr – originally called Lorem – a long way to the east.


The first book in the series, The Lies of Locke Lamora (2006), features a detailed map of the canal-strewn city of Camorr, the setting for the book.

Tal Verrar

For the sequel, Red Seas Under Red Skies (2007), Lynch produced a map of Tal Verrar, the major setting for the book, as well as the Sea of Brass and the pirate stronghold of Port Prodigal where some of the later action takes place. This map extends north to Karthain, the home of the mysterious Bondsmagi.

Red Seas Map

In The Republic of Thieves (2013) the action moves to Karthain itself, and we get a map of the city and its environs:


Finall, in The Thorn of Emberlain we get the biggest-scaled map yet, showing the entire northern coast of the continent which is dominated by the Kingdom of the Seven Marrows. The city-states of the Seven Marrows are engulfed in civil war and our perennial, unlucky heroes Locke and Jean are recruited by Emberlain to help win by assassination, intrigue, economic warfare and stealth what the city is too weak to take on the battlefield. I think it’s safe to say that shenanigans ensure, and Locke and Jean get in over their heads.

Thorn of Emberlain map

Three more books are anticipated to bring the series to a conclusion: The Ministry of Necessity, The Mage and the Master Spy (title likely to change) and Inherit the Night.